Rice Globe

Developed for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Rice Globe is an Augmented Reality application for viewing global statistics on rice production, consumption and the billions of people who rely on rice every day. The app, along with a tracking cube design you can assemble yourself, can be downloaded free from www.rice-globe.com

IRRI Booth at IRC 2014

IRRI Booth at IRC 2014

IRRI Booth at IRC 2014

International Rice Congress (IRC) 2014
Launched at the 4th International Rice Congress (IRC) 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, all conference attendees received a special "pop-up" tracking cube designed by VastPotato, with app demo's provided throughout the event at the IRRI booth to attendees and delegates.

The tracking cube produced for the congress employed a collapsible design, utilising elastic to form the cube when removed from its envelope.

Tracking Cube
Using a physical tracking cube allows the app to augment the camera feed with a globe displaying a range of global rice statistics. The app recognises each side of the cube allowing for 360 degree tracking of the globe.

Welcome Screen

Milled Rice Consumption

Rice Paddy Yield

Population Projection

Rice Paddy Area Harvested

Calorie Supply

For more information, visit www.rice-globe.com