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Exploring new applications for 3D technology.

Be it 3D printing, scanning or visualisation, we design, develop, deploy and maintain both software and hardware solutions.

Across Sectors

Our work spans the education, defence, healthcare, creative and enterprise sectors.

Beyond Services

We are passionate about building products to solve problems we care about.

Ambitious, experienced and intellectually-curious, we take pride in creating products with a long-term view.

God of Mandarin

New learners of Mandarin often struggle with writing Chinese characters. We're working on a fun mobile game to help players master their strokes without a reliance on hanyu pinyin.

Coming soon!

The Office Block

A 3D office management system making space, resource and staff management visual and simple. Manage your 3-dimensional office in a 3-dimensional space!

Analog Cufflinks

Working with resin accessory specialist, Alfie Atelier, we developed a 3D design platform to create and purchase your very own bespoke cufflinks.

Try out different resin colours, shapes and metal fittings in real-time. Preview them from different angles, or check them out on a french cuff before placing your order!

Rice Globe

Developed for the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Rice Globe is an Augmented Reality application for viewing global statistics on rice production, consumption and the billions of people who rely on rice every day.

Launched at the 4th International Rice Congress (IRC) 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, all conference attendees received a special "pop-up" tracking cube designed by us. App demos were provided throughout the event at the IRRI booth to attendees and delegates.

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